Our Commitment

Technology can be a powerful force to boost your company forward, or a source of hindering frustration.  Since 1986, Sonit has been providing expertise, guidance and support to help maximize the potential of our customers and partners in technology.

We aim to develop and maintain trusting relationships with our customers as we stay ahead of the curve with all the current technologies. We want to know you and your goals so we can match the right technology solutions to best serve your business.

Core Values

High Standards    Status quo isn’t our goal—our staff embrace new challenges and go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

Trust We believe in honesty, fairness and respect. With consistent words and actions, our foundation of trust is always strengthening.

Social Responsibility We have a deep commitment to giving back.  We encourage our staff to volunteer their time and provide assistance to many organizations as we strive for positive impact both locally and globally.

Integrity We are shaped by our work ethic. We go the distance to honor our commitments and meet expectations every time.

People Relationships are at the heart of our company. We personally invest in relationships with our customers and partners, and we build community for our employees.

Our Customers

We support a wide range of customers from many different verticals. Whether you are a small startup or a well established multi-location enterprise, we have the expertise and resources to manage, support, and protect your IT infrastructure.